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The ordeal of walking the path of reason

A 14 year old girl, Malala was shot in Pakistan last year. A Taliban spokesman, Ehsanullah Ehsan proudly took the responsibility for this heinous crime. “If Malala lives, we will do it again”, said the spokesman. The reason Taliban gave for shooting the girl was that she was trying to spread secular ideas in the … Continue reading

Lost daughters of India

In the winter months of the Hindu calendar, Durga Puja is celebrated in India. The festival celebrates the victory of Goddess Durga over the evil demon king Mahisashura. This festival is celebrated for a period of 9 days. In the 8th day of the festival, called Maha-Ashtami, many devotees perform what is called the kanya … Continue reading

Evolution vs GOD?

“Evolution is an immoral system that has no legs to walk and is basically forced down upon the children in secular countries to divulge them from the knowledge of God”. This is what most of the religious people think about a fact of science. Yes, A fact. There is a huge library of evidence that … Continue reading

Collateral Damage: Diary of a young girl

20 October The night was filled with the noise of panicking people running around to save their lives. I woke up to see but my mother asked me to pull the blanket over my face and sleep. I could hear explosions behind the mountain. In the early springs, I like to go to the mountain … Continue reading

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One day as I walked to the market to buy some eggs, I noticed strange graffiti on a wall. Emblazoned in red paint was an invitation to join the fight against zionist subversion, western imperialism and painful hemorrhoids; the end having been muddled with a physician’s note. It was an open…

Intolerance: The death of Islam

In his 1916 classic movie “Intolerance”, D.W Griffith shows how big empires and people were destroyed to smithereens because of their Intolerance towards other people’s actions or thoughts. The Babylonians, The Greeks, empires upon empires have turned to dust because of their Intolerance of new ideas. It is not the other people that caused the … Continue reading

The shame of Guwahati

This is among the few others, one of the most disgusting news of public apathy and crime against woman that I have come to know. A young girl in Guwahati was molested while she was returning from a friend’s party in a bar. Incidents as such happen daily in different parts of India. But this … Continue reading

The role of society in creating Terrorists

Terrorists are not born, they are created. And they are not created by God, but they are created by men. Men like you and me – the common men, the powerful men, the media men, the political men, the religious men, and the intellectual and pseudo-intellectual men. People who do not believe in Free-Will can … Continue reading

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Last Tuesday a Saudi woman in Riyadh was followed at a major mall by the Commission for Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice (CPVPV). They demanded that she leave the mall because she had nail polish on. She in turn refused and started videotaping the incident on her…

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Understanding India’s Stagflation     The Rupee has sunk by 20% in last 4 months, while India’s industrial growth rate is [minus] 3.5% year on year.  What is going wrong?   Let us set up a simple equation based on standard definition of national accounts to understand what has been going…