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The Fraud of a Muslim scientist: Pakistan

  When we talk about political stability and scientific growth, Pakistan is an utterly failed state. It was doing very well for a decade after independence, but since 1970s and 80s; rapid islamization of schoolsand workplaces has left the country walking on crutches. It was not the same always. Jinnah was secular and he did … Continue reading

Rohingya Massacre: The truth, the lie and the propganda

A very sad series of events are going on in the current day Myanmar. In the state of Rakhine, Muslim Rohingyas and Buddhist Rakhines are raping, killing and looting each other from the last two months. The online community is abuzz with the news of the violence that is going on there. I am always … Continue reading

The story of Indian Secularism

India is a secular country. I was taught to believe in this since I started to read primary level civics. Many of my western friends, the Canadians and the Americans furrow their brows on learning about the kind of secularism that we have in India. The Preamble of the Indian Constitution says that India is … Continue reading

What is Palestine?

I have always supported Palestine. I will always do that in Future. I support the human rights of the people of Gaza and West bank and their cry for national Identity and integrity. I support the Palestinian demand for freedom, equal rights and security. But having spoken that, I support the state of Israel and … Continue reading

To Gaza with Love

This is an old essay written by me. It is about my feeling related to Operation Cast Lead. I read about it in a magazine called ‘’Frontline’’. That was the first time that I knew about that conflict. When I read this today, I am amazed about how emotional and judgmental a person I was. … Continue reading