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The Monsoon Pilgrimage: Story of a Hindu God

The month of Saawan has begun according to the Hindu calendar. After the blazing months of heat in India, Saawan marks the start of the Monsoon season. Millions of Hindus have a religious reason to revere this season too. It marks the start of a religious pilgrimage tour, the Kaanwar Pilgrimage. The devotees who perform … Continue reading

The Untouchables of India – Why Hinduism sucks

It was very hot that day, a typical summer in the city where I did my schooling. Late in the afternoon, I was walking along with my friend. We were just chatting and fooling around; laughing over the incidents in the school. Air was dry. Only in an hour or so, our white shirts turned … Continue reading

A brief history of Hinduism

|| Like mothers to their calves, like milch kine with their milk, so, Sindhu, unto thee the roaring rivers run. Thou leadest as a warrior king thine army’s wings what time thou comest in the van of these swift streams. || [Rig Veda] When we didn’t have any answers to the questions of the universe, … Continue reading

What it meant to be a Hindu for me

Even before I opened my eyes for the first time in this world, I was a Hindu. I was a Hindu by default because I was born in a Hindu family. I was marked with this word. Although, I didn’t know what that word really meant, I used to write my religion as Hindu in … Continue reading