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The Fraud of a Muslim scientist: Pakistan

Child brainwashing at work


When we talk about political stability and scientific growth, Pakistan is an utterly failed state. It was doing very well for a decade after independence, but since 1970s and 80s; rapid islamization of schoolsand workplaces has left the country walking on crutches. It was not the same always. Jinnah was secular and he did not want to make Pakistan a Sharia state. But his successors were not the products of a modern, secular, scientific education system. Ayub khan, the first Pakistani Military dictator and Gen. Zia, enforced Islamic Sharia law in the politics, culture, education and even science of Pakistan, thus ruining the prospects and glory of the past and future of their country. One can only mention the fate of Mr. Abdus Salam, the only Nobel

Dr. Salam, the first Muslim scientist to get a Nobel prize. His reward: Couldn’t even get a respectable burial in pakistan.

laureate from Pakistan to know how much science and scientists are neglected in Pakistan. Dr. Salam was a Qadiyani, someone who belongs to the Ahmeddiya community. This community is an offshoot of Islam whose members are considered Infidels by the majority Muslims. Ahmeddiyas are daily prosecuted and suppressed in Pakistan. Such was the hatred against Dr. Salam that all his scientific achievements were neglected in Pakistan and even the word Muslim was erased from his grave.

The government spending on education is a mere 2.2% of GDP, approximately a billion dollars only. Gender disparity in literacy is huge. In parts of Taliban controlled SWAT valley, hundreds of girl schools have been blown and thousands of girls have been deprived even of primary education. Education of Quran and Arabic language is though a major concern for Pakistani parents. Scientific education takes a backseat in these places. Now, take a second and think about the situation of the teaching of Darwinian evolution in Pakistani schools. Teachers are scared or are reluctant many times to even discuss it. Rather, they rely more upon the words of a pig-looking-prophet Harun Yahya’s Atlas of creation. This is the book that has been so discredited by scientific community that it should only find a place in public toilets, not the desk of a science teacher.

Recently, an inventor in Sindh region, named Waqar Ahmed announced that he has invented a water-kit that can make cars run on just ‘’water’’ instead of ‘’oil’’. If that could happen, it would be one of the greatest discoveries in the field of science. Only in 100 years or so, the world is going to run out of petroleum fuels. We are in a dire need to discover a renewable source of energy or make other sources more cost efficient. So, here comes this chubby faced inventor from the tribal regions of Pakistan who has a cure for the problems of humanity. And, for our good luck – this cure is not Quran.

How does this water- kit work? The simple idea is that the kit takes power from a battery and breaks down water into Hydrogen and oxygen. Hydrogen is used as a fuel in car engine. Did nobody know about this before the great Pakistani engineer invented this? Well, the answer is almost everybody who had atleast a primary education in science can tell you about this. I could do hydrolysis and separate Hydrogen from the mixture when I was in 8th standard in my school. Just Google a fucking video on this experiment and you will find thousands of geeks doing it in 100s of new ways.

So, if the knowledge about hydrolysis of water is not new, why weren’t anyone in the world, from USA to Japan ever able to build a car that runs on water? The problem here is the second law of thermodynamics.

Let me make it simple for everyone. What are the main systems that are working in this experiment: – A battery, a water-kit, engine.

Let’s say it takes ‘’x’’ joules of energy to break one water molecule into 2 atoms of Oxygen and one atom of Hydrogen. We separate the Hydrogen and oxidize it. The reaction produces heat that moves the internal combustion engine in the car. Let’s say the energy produced by burning hydrogen for one molecule is ‘’y’’ joules.

If this system has to work by being cost efficient and replace petrol, ‘’y’’ should be greater than ‘’x’’. If ‘’x’’ is lower than ‘’y’’, why would you use the water –kit? Just get the pistons moving by using ‘’x’’ energy only.

If the former case is correct, that would mean, system producing ‘’x’’ energy is colder than the system producing ‘’y’’ joules of energy.  It means, if this experiment worked, energy would spontaneously flow from a cold source to a hot source. Anything like this would not only defy common-sense, it would also defy the second law of thermodynamics which says, ‘’ No process is possible whose sole result is the transfer of heat from a body of lower temperature to a body of higher temperature”.

Why can’t this happen? Every one of you must have seen a waterfall, falling from a higher altitude to a lower altitude. But if the above experiment could be true by any reason, it would be like water going from a lower level to upper level, just like in a dream sequence of ‘’Inception’’, in the real world.

Let’s say ‘’x’’ corresponds to 10 Joules and ‘’y’’ corresponds to 12 joules. So,if the above experiment is true, where the extra 2 joules is coming from. It goes totally against the law of conservation of energy. Any such claim is utter bullshit and no sane person would ever acknowledge it.

Yep! The media and journalists in Pakistan are singing ballads about this naive, charlatan engineer. Even the top nuclear scientists like A.Q Khan are dancing around like peacocks on this foolish experiment. I am not saying that the science council in Pakistan does not understand the truth. But these people are either forced by the bloodsucking vampire politicians or they themselves want to tell a big lie to their people in order to let them sleep in their charming dreams.  The Pakistani cabinet has sat many times to discuss how they can use this great invention for the benefit of their country. Many journalists are writing that the Fuel Mafia wants to kidnap Mr. Waqar Ahmed to steal his invention. The security is on high alert. Who knows what the Zionists are planning now?

The chief reason for the incapability of most of the Pakistani people as well as media to understand this forgery is their lack of understanding of basic science. The new generation of Pakistanis have been taught science but not scientific method. More than the works of Einstein, Tesla and Darwin, Pakistanis believe in the works of Islamic Mullahs and their stories of magic and easy cures. This thinking has made them gullible from their very childhood.

Another reason is the dearth of electricity in Pakistan. The whole of country only produces 6500 MW of electricity. This is the amount of electricity that only a small state like Delhi & NCR takes in India. How can such small production help the industries and households of all of Pakistan? So, majority of Pakistanis have started to live on wishful thinking and dreams. They dream for a better future and they concoct stories to make themselves and their children to believe in a glorious future.

I am not saying that everyone in Pakistan is a fool or brain-dead zombie. I respect Tribune (newspaper) and Dr. Pervez Hoodhboy to have stood strongly against this propaganda of crack science and Mullah-ism.

The sun is setting low in Pakistan. The darkness is covering on. While science and rational thinking has been put into gallows, the ghosts of Islam and extremism whisper dreams of deception and hatred in the minds of poor Pakistanis. I wish the newer generation can put this ghost in bottle. The problem in Pakistan is not low-education or bad- politicians. It was and still is- ISLAM!


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