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What is Palestine?

I have always supported Palestine. I will always do that in Future. I support the human rights of the people of Gaza and West bank and their cry for national Identity and integrity. I support the Palestinian demand for freedom, equal rights and security. But having spoken that, I support the state of Israel and I do not see the Jewish people as the sole culprits for the agony of the Palestinian people. I rather blame the Arab states for that and Pseudo-intellectuals and secularists. I blame the extremist Muslims for creating a false propaganda of hatred against Jewish people. And last but not the least, I blame the Palestinian people themselves for falling into the political agendas of their neighboring Arab brethrens and supporting terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah.

How did I change my stance from supporting Gaza to becoming a friend of Israel?

I am a scientific person, you know. So, the least thing that I rely upon are my own emotions. I had seen the footage of Gaza in operation Cast Lead and I had moistened my eyes for the lovely people there. When I saw the pictures of children covered with blood, when I saw women crying, when I saw that dark abyss in the eyes of men in Gaza, all I felt was anger against Israel. ‘’Animals- they were just pathetic animals’’, I said. But as the time moves, we grow over our emotions and start to look at the facts in a more clear way.

Although many people allege that but my source of information is never FOX news or CNN. I get my information through books and documentaries, videos and articles, blogs and discussions. After reading any book, I subject the information that I have gained through it to rigorous scrutiny. I search many other credible sources to verify every fact. Maybe, through these long chains of investigations, I might have left a few loose ends. I would like my readers to correct me whenever they find a need.

I have seen this strange thing with Muslim people. They have a strong and understandable romance with this Palestinian conflict. Wherever you go, be it a Facebook page or a YouTube comment section, Muslims always support Palestine and call for the annihilation of Israel. Dr. Zakir Naik, the famous crook and Islamic apologist says that Israel is a terrorist country. That it is written in Quran that Jews are the biggest enemies of Muslims and the peace can only be brought through continuous resistance and fighting. Muslims love posting about the problems in Gaza. They love to exaggerate the number of Palestinians killed since 1948. Some have even said that it’s more than 2 million. 2 (fucking) million, can you believe that? In their canvas of imagination, they paint a big, – BIG Demon out of the Israeli people. What they actually do is that they draw the picture of a Nazi and caption it ‘’Zionist’’.

What is the reason for this hatred? It would be utterly naïve to say that the Muslims around the world are just ignorant evils. What conditions their hatred, what makes them love Palestine unconditionally? I have met many Muslims who support Hamas and say that those bunch of cowards and terrorists are really freedom fighters.

Before I go on with my own hypothesis on this condition, I want to hear your views.

Let us first talk about Palestine. What does this word means?

  1. The word Palestine refers to the land that is situated between Mediterranean Sea and Jordan River plus some adjoining lands. The boundary of this land has never been concretely defined. It keeps on changing as the rulers of that place change.
  2. The word Palestine was first used by Herodotus in ‘’The Histories’’ compilation. Approximately a century later, Aristotle used a similar definition in Meterology, writing “Again if, as is fabled, there is a lake in Palestine, such that if you bind a man or beast and throw it in it floats and does not sink, this would bear out what we have said. They say that this lake is so bitter and salt that no fish live in it and that if you soak clothes in it and shake them it cleans them,” understood by scholars to be a reference to the Dead Sea.
  3. All these definitions only talk about a piece of land. It does not talk about the people or nationalities living there. Naturally when different rulers in the course of time capture a piece of land, they do not rename it. So, Palestine remained Palestine, even when it changed hands from Jews to Babylonians to Romans and then to Muslims and Jews again.
  4. Some other terms that have been used to refer to all or part of this land include Canaan, Greater Israel, the Holy Land, Judea, Israel, “Israel HaShlema”, Kingdom of Israel , Kingdom of Jerusalem, Land of Israel, Zion, Retenu (Ancient Egyptian),Palestina.
  5. This land belonged to every kind of people- From Jews to Roman Christians to Muslims and particularly Turks. It was never a nation of some indigenous Muslims. There was never a Palestinian state with its own national integrity and boundary. Palestine always belonged to the people who ruled it.
  6. According to Ottoman statistics studied by Justin McCarthy, the population of Palestine in the early 19th century was 350,000, in 1860 it was 411,000 and in 1900 about 600,000 of which 94% were Arabs. In 1914 Palestine had a population of 657,000 Muslim Arabs, 81,000 Christian Arabs, and 59,000 Jews. McCarthy estimates the non-Jewish population of Palestine at 452,789 in 1882, 737,389 in 1914, 725,507 in 1922, 880,746 in 1931 and 1,339,763 in 1946.
  7. So, from the above data, we can understand that Palestine was not an exclusively Muslim state. It was a piece of land under the Ottoman Empire where Jews, Christians and Muslims lived under Turkish rule.
  8. After the First World War, the Ottoman Empire lost territories to the British Empire. They carved out several nations out of the earlier Ottoman Empire. One of these nations was called ‘’The British Mandate of Palestine’’.

These are some facts that tell us the first part of the Middle-East conflict. Anyone of you can check and verify these facts. The conclusion that I can derive from these facts is that Palestine was never a nation with nationalistic pride and a feeling of identity with Palestinian land. The word ‘’Palestine’’ can be interchangeably used with the word ‘’Israel’’. What picture comes in your mind when you hear the word Palestine? What picture comes in your mind when you hear the word ‘’Israel’’. The land of Palestine never belonged to any particular group or religion, race or nationality. It belonged to the one who ruled it.

We will have more discussions on this topic. Keep following and do give your views.


About Bobby-Allen

I am a business student, biotechnology graduate, free thinker and rationalist living in my own dream world, floating along with the speck of dirt that we call earth. I love reading books, traveling, movies, music and all the amazing things that this life has granted us. Though only a few among us appreciate their true value. I consider myself a seeker, for truth and salvation. I have looked for the truth in human emotions, feelings, dogma, superstitions and now I have only come closer to the perimeter of truth which just keeps on shifting further and further away. Hope one day I reach my goal, the post where I have tied my dreams.


2 thoughts on “What is Palestine?

  1. //The land of Palestine never belonged to any particular group or religion, race or nationality.//
    It must go both ways too. Then Jews cannot claim Israel for themselves either.
    However what authors fail to take into consideraqtion when explaining away the rights of Palestine is the Naqba. Of course they might say that the Jews were expelled by the Europeans too 2000 years ago. But two wrongs don’t make a right….

    Posted by oookhalid | May 20, 2012, 2:43 pm
    • Naqba is a consequence of the Jewish- Arab conflict during the 1940s. It does not gives anyone any extra rights. The Arabs who used to live in Palestine have got rights towards their arable land, house and occupation. But when power changes from one hand to other, things like displacement of native people and such things happen. I am not trying to justify any atrocity that happened against the Arabs, I am just saying that to change the lives of people in Gaza and West bank, we need to think realistically.

      Posted by Bobby-Allen | May 20, 2012, 3:13 pm

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